11 May 2018
Inspired by the world’s precious blooms, Bulgari launched a new star ‘Magnolia Sensuel’ in Shoppers stop, Lifestyle, Central & Pantaloons stores.Celebrating the most iconic flowers in the history of perfumery. With the rich essence of its flower, Magnolia Sensuel revels....
09 May 2018
TwillyD’Hermes outpost at Shoppers Stop,Juhu& Central Residency Bangalore, captured the expression of carefree youth. A fragrance that connects young women and HERMES. #TwillyDHermes
07 May 2018
PR efforts for Guess, Police, Bentley PR effort…. PR efforts…..Bulgari PR efforts…..Deborah Ecommerce visibility…..
30 April 2018
Excited to announce that BCPL’s website is finally up and running. A new instagram account is also created simultaneously Beauty Concepts_india. Here is a “corporate website” we can call our very own. Aimed at B2B platform, this is an initial stage leading to ....
29 April 2018
A month full of activity for Guerlain MU launch in Sephora: Guerlan MU was launched in 4 doors of Sephora: Infinity2, Select City Saket, Ambience and Elante, Chandigarh Shoppers Certificate: Shoppers Stop Juhu awarded a certificate to Guerlain for outstanding activity carried out....
28 April 2018
Exceptional PR effort on MDP across print and digital media including a live shoot by blogger Avneet Kaur at MDP store Mumbai, that got over 350,000 likes within a few days of posting PR efforts for other brands gave the much required boost to the brands