Maison des Parfums

Maison des Parfums (MDP), launched in 2017 is a luxury retail boutique concept that houses a collection of fine artisanal luxury fragrances that are curated from around the world.

Maison des Parfums, a venture of Beauty Concepts, is the first of its kind concept in India, it caters to the discerning Indian consumer for niche & luxury perfumery brands.

The boutique provides a unique shopping experience with bespoke instore service and attention to details to engage each & every customer. The flagship Maison des Parfums boutique was inaugurated in Select Citywalk Mall, New Delhi closely followed by the second presence at Palladium Mall, Mumbai.

Maison des Parfums has curated a wide range of exclusive artisanal fragrances that reflect top quality with creative excellence including those of Memo, Amouage, NASOMATTO, Juliette has a gun, Jean Patou, Xerjoff, Bulgari Le Gemme, The Different Company, Amouroud, Houbigant, Etat Libre D’Orange, Rance, Lalique Premier Noir, Olfactive Studio, Rance, Franck Boclet, One of Those and other well-known brand names to come.

The MDP Concept Stores are a new beginning for BCPL to cater to the discerning individual & take luxury retailing for fragrances to new levels of desirability, service & engagement.


Safran Rare, as the name suggests, is one of the rarest perfumes in the world by Amouroud. In this perfume, the richness of hand-picked, sun-dried purple Crocus flower is crowned with the Indian oud, which makes it absolutely unique. The top notes of this perfume are freesia, bergamot and incense with cedar, saffron, sandalwood and vanilla forming the middle and the base notes.

Musk is a wonderful animalistic base note that creates groundwork for rest of the aromatic shades, notes and nuances to rest upon. The unique property of balancing composition and adding a subtle touch of sensuality and warmth makes it one of the most important ingredients in the perfume industry.

Tapputi, a woman from 1200 BC in Babylonian Mesopotamia was the first ever recorded perfumer. She used flowers, oil and calamus along with cyperus, myrrh and balsam. She added water or other solvents, then distilled and filtered several times.



F-15A, Palladium Mall,
Phoenix Mills Compound,
Plot No. “C.S. No. 141, 1/142, 71 and 109”
Senapati Bapat Marg
Lower Parel
Mumbai – 400013
P: +91 22 40033233


G – 55, ground floor,
Select City Walk Mall
New Delhi – 110017
P: +91 11 41006034