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Leading Distributor of fragrances in India

Beauty Concepts is one of India's leading independent importer and distributor of prestige fragrances and cosmetics.

Over the years, we have established a reputation for successfully nurturing and growing a number of top fragrance and cosmetic brands and products in a challenging, emerging market like India.

Key to this success has been our marketing creativity and as well as coverage in the selective distribution. This provide a platform for brands to maximize their potential in the Indian domestic market.

Our headquarter is based in Calcutta where the back end support for finance, administration and logistics are located while our Mumbai marketing hub is where a team of highly trained and experienced marketing, sales, public relations, and distribution professionals deliver exceptional performance results for all the brands that we represent across India.


Our mission is to deliver extraordinary fragrance and beauty products to consumers in India. As an organisation, and as individuals, we value honesty, integrity, empowerment and openness. By consistently aiming for breakthrough excellence in creation, design and experience, we believe we will stay close to our consumers and communities.

Our vision is to upload the spirit of innovation – not just in terms of product, but also in retail methods and experience creation. An adventurous mindset and passion for beauty are what will drive Beauty Concepts successfully from today into tomorrow.

A Pan-India Retail Footprint

Our national sales effort is spearheaded by a SVP of Commercial Operations with key Regional Sales Managers in each major metro serving the country's leading department store, pharmacy and perfume chains as well as independent outlets pan-India.

In addition, for each brand that we market, a dedicated Brand and Product Manager is in place to provide marketing support and management to optimize the equity of the brand.

A highly experienced in-house PR team helps to create and maximize awareness as well as recall for the brands in the market place.

We have over 500 sales consultants serving our customers in all the leading department stores and selective fragrance retail doors across India. This helps us to provide quality service and enhance the experience that each customer has during their contact with the brand.

Excellent Retail Relationships In Selective Distribution

Over the past decade our team has established excellent rapport with all the leading perfume and cosmetic retailers, providing our clients brands and products with over 200 of the highest quality doors across the country.

Being independently owned company, we are not reliant on any brand's financial resources and hence can market each brand based purely on its own merits.

Logistical Advantage

Our logistics infrastructure ensures that our supply chain can support and fulfill the needs of the rapidly growing network of our retail partners.

Our warehousing & distribution system are designed to expand in tandem with retailer's growth as this will ensure regular, on time delivery to all retail formats across India.